Private tours

Party on the boat! Trips in Prague with a guide! Birthday celebration on the river Vltava! Costume ball! Graduation ball! Teambuilding or business conference! Lecture or presentation! Wedding feast! Disco! Trips in the Czech Republic! Private drive in the historical tram! Concerts or Jazz on the boat! Taking films or video-clips on the boat! Transfers! And much more! Do you have an idea you wish to facilitate for your colleague, family or friends and don’t know how to or don’t have the time to organise it? That’s why we are here!

Contact us per E-mail (communication possible in Czech, German or English) and describe us in details your ideas. It is very important to give a detailed specification of the service you want such as requested departure time and duration of the river cruise or trips, number of persons and any specifications such as (children, pensioners, young, persons with special needs…), budget if you know etc. We will make a provisional programme first and together with you we will work on the perfect presentation to make all your guests happy.

Duration: of your choice

Departure and arrival: of your choice

Price: dependant on your choice and your request

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